There once was a girl who ate books. She gorged on stories, feasted on fairy tales, masticated myths, and lived happily in Her Own Imagination. On the eve of her twelfth birthday, she saw the Road of Womanhood ahead and said, Yo! This ish is cray-cray! If I'm going to get through this in one piece, I better learn to use my giant sword, and she set off to find her True Calling.

At 23 (or 24, she can't remember anymore), she knew everything already, so she founded an innovative arts & culture magazine called Mstrmnd, which slowly morphed into a Marketing and Alternate Reality Gaming Monster. Before it could eat her alive, she escaped with the Secrets of Visual Storytelling.

Little did she realize, the Monster had planted the seed of Game Design deep in the recesses of her mind. And before she knew what she was doing, she'd left her urban jungle to study the Beasts of Media, Creativity, Virtual Worlds and Transmedia Narrative at the feet of the renown Scholars of Telecommunications, inside the Ivory Tower of Indiana. Enduring years of rigorous research, she emerged a Master, wielding her Thesis with a Message of Female Empowerment so unapologetic that few in her field dared approach!

As she journeyed back to her home, a tiny Start Up appeared which desperately needed her help. Hearing their plea she said, Sheesh! What you need is some Human Diversity and a lot less Damsel Distress, and you'll have a superfun adventure game! Let me see what I can do. And so she wrote Captain Heartless: Legend of the Lost Heart, and it was good.

Soon, other Start Ups were sending their emissaries, each with its own Creative Problem to solve. For the allied camps of Natron Baxter and Empowered World Ventures, she created an Immersive Transmedia Story World for tween girls called The Tides. And at the behest of her beloved mentor, Acclaimed Game Writer Lee Sheldon, she craft compelling dialogue for the algebra-challenged citizens of The Lost Function. She composed the world of Wonder City, a companion game to the Inspiring Documentary, Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines. More recently, she's been collaborating with clients, conceiving, and pitching game stories, game designs, game redesigns, game school revolutions, and making babies, which leaves her little time for website updates.

She lives happily in Brooklyn with a Fuzzy Man, two Wild Girls, and an Awesome Dog, playing Advertising with her Beloved Brother, weaving Stories she hopes will empower Seekers Of All Ages to find their own Hero Inside, and awaiting Unusual & Amazing Opportunities.

It is said that she can be contacted here, and, if clicked, Her Resume will appear.